India’s ‘MOM’ cheaper than the Hollywood movie ‘Gravity’?

India’s ‘MOM’ cheaper than the Hollywood movie ‘Gravity’

The Hollywood movie Avatar’s cost was around $300 m (official $237 m). Movie gravity invested around $100m. But, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) led Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) was made success in just $ 74 m. Can you believe that? Believe it or not, India has put its first satellite in the orbit of Mars. ‘Mangalyaan’, as it was called, is a Mars orbiting satellite. Despite several trivializing objections from Western allies, political banging and low budget, the reality is, with all its ‘indigenous’ technology, the mission was an overwhelming success. It is sincerely the successful attempt by a non-western nation to have made successful in its early first attempt.             Launched on 5th November, 2013 by a launch vehicle called PSLV-C25 (Polar satellite launch vehicle), from Sriharikota, Andra Pradesh, the ‘Mangalyaan’ successfully reached the Mars orbit by several earth and space maneuvers. Other similar missi…

DMIT: truth or pseudoscience?

              You might have heard these days that you can discover your child's 'innate' (in-born) characteristics by using a software test called DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test). This has become increasingly popular in the East Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Nepal, etc.
Dermatoglyphics is the scientific analysis or study of finger carvings or prints (from Latin derma: skin and glyph: carving. It is associated with the branches of science like embryology, genetics, forensics, neurology etc. It has its extensive use to distinguish between normal brain functioning and disorders like schizophrenia, Down’s syndrome, etc. Originally, fingerprint was firstly worked upon by Sir Francis Galton. But ‘Dr. Harold Cummins coined the word and introduced scientific fingerprint analysis in America. Fingerprint starts to form as early as 10th week of gestation when we…

Growing trend of selfie

‘Selfie’-a word that reflects the love for capturing the person’s own body, beauty or looks. If we date it back to a decade, people would let someone click for them. A click would require so much effort that it would take several minutes to ‘correct’ the body posture. With the digitization of pictures, photos are now bits and bytes rather than albums. The digital cameras and handy cellphones brought up in the market  with higher picture clarity which they call megapixels, can hold thousands of pictures in a square inch area. This made people do multiple clicks, look at themselves for longer and finally get self-obsessed. The self-obsession in people is so huge that they like to capture themselves in almost every moment or way they want: in the pizza house , pub, party, picnic or even in trial rooms. Selfies growing in social networks are really annoying and reflect much of what we see as fantasies in movies or virtual world. Moreover, selfies require no assistance, are quick an…


Against all waves, all storms, a DEJA-VU wannabe, Approaching ahead with war of nerves; Life stretches me, till the moon and sun, I had in me, MINGLED ME IN DREADFUL JINGLES, I TRIED TO QUIT DA CURVES.
I, thereby, give up ma life and reincarnate, So, I would be radically pleasured to be a bird;  No sooner had mah feathers fall and no home to live in, NEVA TO BE A HOMELESS, I QUIT, I PROMISED TO GOD...
Recalled the prosperity of a doggy, in ma early tweeners , So, I would be faithful, I thought, to be the same; No sooner I learnt how I cried as I make ‘em winners, NEVA 2 LIV BUT DEFIED BY Almighty, the soul FAME….
I, therefore, decided 2 b a magnanimous “butter-flinch”, So, would be delighted to be a neighbor of flower, door 2 door; No sooner what stuck mah mind was pain when I get tied by 2 lil’ fingers, Neva to be a slave ,I deserted the pain, I bore……
My variant life taught me the teachings of life span, Upz and downz,we’ve 2 face,I wanted it all gone; I wandered th…


Element Symbol Compound Valency Hydrogen Silver Sodium Potassium Ammonium H+ Ag+ Na+ K+ NH4+
1 1 1 1 1 Copper
Cu+ Cu++ Cuprous or copper (I) Cupric or copper (II) 1 2 Gold Au+ Au+++ Aurous or gold (I) Auric or gold (III) 1 3 Mercury Hg+ Hg++ Mercurous or mercury (I) Mercuric or mercury (II)